Cellar Reserve 2013 Memberships are SOLD OUT!
Below are the details for the 2013 Cellar Reserve Membership which is sold out for this year as we hit our 400 member mark. We are looking forward to the 2013 membership year and seeing everyone at Cellar Reserve Member events!

If you are located out of Colorado and choose to have someone other than yourself pick up your Cellar Reserve allocations, you must email cellarreserve@crookedstave.com with the name of your designated trustee who is the person responsible for picking up your beers.

Crooked Stave Cellar Reserve Membership 2013:
- 2013 Membership Card
- (2) Cellar Reserve exclusive stemware glasses
- (2) pieces of exclusive Members only gear
- Access to purchase specialty bottle releases at 15% discount (subject to allocation limits)
- First right of refusal for 2014 membership
- 15% discount on all taproom purchases.
- Future planned Cellar Reserve Member events (additional charges apply)

The 2013 Membership will include 10 different Barrel-aged Sour beers (each bottle release includes (2) 375 ml bottles per release, with additional purchases available if the yield permits) to be released throughout the year. Cellar Reserve Member beers bottled for 2013 will ONLY be sold through this program and will not be available in our taproom or at retail. (except for the odd keg or two for special occasions)

This year we have a much greater range of options to blend from including our Golden sour, Burgundy sour and Dark sour base beers. It is likely that some of these beers may be rotated out for other barrel-aged sour beers which we feel much more strongly about or from a change in the blending. Below is a list of the anticipated beers for 2013. Some are still “To Be Determined” as making sour beer is an art and our creativity is ever changing, just like the seasons and seasonally available fruit and spices.

(2x, 375 ml) *Persica – Golden Sour w/Peaches (1st Quarter of 2013)
(2x, 375 ml) *Hibiscus and Cinnamon Petite Sour aged in Leopolds Apple Whiskey Barrels (2nd Quarter of 2013)
(2x, 375 ml) *Origins Whiskey/Rye Grand Cru (2nd Quarter of 2013)
(2x, 375 ml) *Surette Reserva aged in Leopolds Peach Whiskey Barrels (2nd Quarter of 2013)
(2x, 375 ml) *Nightmare on Brett Whiskey/Rye Grand Cru (2nd Quarter of 2013)
(2x, 375 ml) *Cherry Origins (3rd Quarter of 2013)
(2x, 375 ml) *Raspberry Dark Origins (3rd Quarter of 2013)
(2x, 375 ml) *L’Brett d’Or (Fruit Sour?) (4th Quarter of 2013)
(2x, 375 ml) *Blackberry L’Brett d’Or (4th Quarter of 2013)
(2x, 375 ml) *TBD Cellar Reserve Blend (4th Quarter of 2013)
*Denotes beer is a Cellar Reserve exclusive, and will not be sold outside of the membership.

**As well as receiving the above listed beers and merchandise, the following beers are planned for release from our Barrel Cellar in 2013 and available to Cellar Reserve Members first.
- L’Brett d’Or – Golden Sour
- Origins – Burgundy Sour
- Nightmare on Brett – Dark Sour

**Please note that a few of these beers will likely be available to the public for purchase. As a Cellar Reserve Member you are guaranteed the first opportunity to purchase these beers, to some limitation, before they go on sale to the public.

DISCLAIMER: Crooked Stave Cellar Reserve Memberships are open to USA residents over the age of 21 only. If you reside outside of Colorado and decide to purchase a Cellar Reserve Membership make sure to designate a Colorado Trustee or you are responsible for picking up your allocation which will be held at the brewery until March, 2014. We are unable to ship beer as FedEx, UPS, and USPS does not allow us to ship beer direct to customers. No refunds will be given after placing an order.